What is the Higashiyama Kyoto Tourism & HospitaliTeam?

The Higashiyama Kyoto Tourism & HospitaliTeam is a community-or group- of shops, hotels and other local business proprietors that provide thoughtful and hospitable services to tourists. Members of the community exchange and share information, and cooperate to make Higashiyama an accessible tourist destination where all can enjoy their time without worry.
Stores and other business proprietors belonging to the Higashiyama Kyoto Tourism & HospitaliTeam (participating businesses) are each using their business to do their part in providing thoughtful services for tourists. Please see the list of Participating Stores inside.

Community Philosophy

  • Participating businesses will provide genuine, high quality hospitality and provide services that are truly appreciated by visitors.
  • The community will support the improvement of hospitality at the participating businesses by creating a space that allows them to exchange information.
  • The community will strive to enhance visitor satisfaction through hospitality and information transmission of participating businesses, will improve the brand power of Higashiyama Kyoto, and increase the number of firsttime and repeat visitors.

HospitaliTeam Initiatives

The Higashiyama Kyoto Tourism & HospitaliTeam is undertaking the following initiatives to ensure that all Higashiyama visitors enjoy their time without worry.

  1. Provision of various services by participating businesses.

  2. Referrals between participating businesses to provide the services sought by visitors.
  3. Provision of information concerning participating business and their services via the internet and printed material.
  4. Hosting of networking events, information exchange events, and seminars to help participating businesses improve hospitality.
  5. Managing events and advertising campaigns of participating businesses.

Regarding HospitaliTeam Businesses

Approximately 30 stores and businesses that predominately serve tourists have joined the team. The types of businesses vary and include restaurants, gift shops, Japanese inns, and retailers.
All members are determined to work together to contribute to improving hospitality in Higashiyama.

The Higashiyama Tourism Community Support Group

The Higashiyama Tourism Community Support Group

Led by Associate Professor Masashi Matsutaka of the Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Sangyo University, this support group consists of Mr. Matsutaka's students, Higashiyama ward residents, and members of other relevant organizations.
With the aim of promoting Higashiyama as an accessible tourist destination, the project team has, among other things, helped the HospitaliTeam by completing preparations for the formation of the group and by providing assistance after formation.

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