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These are information about Higashiyama ward appeared in the past issues.Please find the latest "Enjoy Higashiyama" here.

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Enjoy a stroll around Higashiyama -- Higashiyama Karuta

image  There are a number of historical and cultural assets, such as shrines and temples, in Higashiyama Ward, which lends the whole area a museum-like quality. In this ward, the residents and the ward office have collaborated to create "Higashiyama Karuta" as a way of promoting the great variety of important features in the area. ("Karuta" is a traditional Japanese card game with cards featuring haiku verse.) Here are a few examples of some of the places and events featured on the karuta.

Part 1[April 2010]  Part 2[October 2010]  Part 3[February 2011]  Part 4[April 2011]

Camellia that signals the visit of spring in Higashiyama

image [Local Newsletter vol.7]
 Cherry blossom season is coming soon.
 There are lots of people come to Higashiyama to enjoy cherry blossom every year.
 But before that, the arrival of spring is announced by the blooms of camellia.
 Why don't you take a relaxing walk in Higashiyama to feel the visit of spring?
(March 2010)
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Octet of Eights Celebrating Higashiyama-Ku's 80th Birthday

image  Higashiyama-ku (Higashiyama ward) came into being 80 years ago in 1929.
To celebrate our 80th birthday, we bring you an octet of the many temples, shrines and cultural assets found in Higashiyama-ku that somehow involve the number eight.
(November 2009)
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Exhibition of Children’s Pictures of Higashiyama

image [Local Newsletter vol.5]
 The “Trees of Pride” selected by the residents of Higashiyama Ward are rooted in various places around the ward, spreading their branches to showcase the nature of Higashiyama.
 Why not go out and visit these special trees around Higashiyama?
(May 2009)
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Exhibition of Children’s Pictures of Higashiyama

image [Local Newsletter vol.3]
 The children of the Higashiyama area have drawn some interesting and attractive local scenes according to each season. Please enjoy.
(December 2008)
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